Wild Wahine Bootcamp





This 5 week course will start with a nutrition night. We discuss clean eating, meal planning, meal prepping, food journaling, and nutrition labels.

This nutritional support continues throughout the 5 weeks because I am available to you for any questions during the program.

We will be meeting 3 times a week in Waialua for a kickboxing focused workout with strength intervals. I take 12 girls each round and we create new relationships, build confidence, and get in shape.

This format is for ALL fitness levels and ages. If you think you cannot do this, then you are wrong! You CAN do this, and I would love to show you how!



“Where do I start? I can’t thank you enough for everything you done & continue to do for me… I can just remember my 1st day when I started “boot camp” I thought there was no way I could do this… I was doomed!!!

Lol I’m not gonna lie I almost died my 1st week but after each workout class I felt so good.. I became a stronger person inside & out..

You guided me through it all & still do…

I notice a huge improvement from day 1 to present & all I can say is I couldn’t have done it without you… Someone I can always count on no matter what I need… Your the real DEAL, what you see is what you get…

You're a inspiration & the story behind you says it well.. I remember how it was so hard for you & what you went through if u can do it I can do it… Let’s keep pushing forward & getting fit one day at a time… Luv ya…..” Barb

“I am in the midst of my second round of Stephanie’s Wild Wahine Bootcamp and I couldn’t be happier with the results!

I had been doing crossfit for two years before I joined so I was no stranger to exercise but I was having great difficulty losing weight. I think that’s what makes Stephanie’s classes different. Not only do we complete three challenging workouts per week that are always a bit different from the last but there is also an emphasis on eating right and accountability with tracking our food intake and journaling.

Stephanie’s nutrition approach is also very realistic – she doesn’t rely on fad science and push an extremely rigid low-carb or paleo lifestyle but the focus is on eating whole foods and adopting a healthier lifestyle. It’s very inclusive to all no matter what your eating habits are you can make progress.

The workouts are difficult and always varied which keeps it interesting! We do anything from cardio circuits to strength training to kickboxing.

So far I have lost 6 pounds! In addition to that I have lost inches and my clothes are fitting better! I am excited to keep going!” Suzanne

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